Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Torchwood: Children of Earth & Discount DVDs

I've been enjoying Torchwood (the series) since their initial airing on BBCAmerica, and following the basic concept of Torchwood since the group's introduction on Doctor Who. (IMHO, turning Torchwood down was the stupidest thing SyFy ever did! Calling themselves "SyFy" was the second stupidest, but I digress...)
The idea of a secret, Brit-centric, counterpoint to the rather public UNIT (United Nations International TaskForce) appealed to me, and Torchwood's rise, fall, and resurrection, made for an interesting ongoing plotline within Dr Who.
When the surviving Torchwood unit got it's own series, incorporating another Dr Who character, Captain Jack Harkness, I figured, give it a shot; it'll at least be as entertaining as the other spinoff, Sarah Jane Adventures (which, though juvenile, is rather fun)...
Torchwood took the opposite tack, practically turning into "Lust in Space" and coming close to being the first R-rated sci-fi tv series!
It also became the breakout hit BBCAmerica hoped HEX and Footballer's Wives would be, as well as one of my not-so-guilty pleasures!

I'd been looking forward to the new mini-season and, despite obvious plot elements of Midwich Cuckoos and various Quatermass series running throughout Children of Earth, I'm really enjoying the mini-series due to the fast-paced plotting and well-done character development.
Catch the remaining four nights thru Friday. It's not like there's much else on...

In addition, if you want to buy the previous two seasons, Costco has the season box sets for only $44.99 each!
I picked them up a week ago and did a marathon this past weekend, watching select eps with commentary and watching all the special features.

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