Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MiddleMan...the FINAL Episode!

One of the highlights of the San Diego Comic Con was a "table reading" by the cast (including Natalie Morales) & crew of the script for the unproduced final episode of the TV series MiddleMan.
The ep, "The Doomsday Armageddon Apocalypse" was adapted into a graphic novel (on sale now), but the reading was from the tv show's script, which was slightly different.
(and, while seeing an illustrated Wendy Watson in a Slave Princess Leia costume was cool (see above). the fact we'll never see Natalie in that costume is a bit of a bummer)

BTW, the DVD of the 12 produced episodes goes on sale today! Rush out and buy it...NOW! PLUS...Check out The MiddleBlog by the creator of the comic and the tv series.

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