Saturday, April 18, 2009

Star Trek--The Second Coming!

The trend of "rebooting" already-existing sci-fi / fantasy franchises continues...
Some have been successful (Smallville, Battlestar Galactica, Batman, James Bond).
Some have been abject failures (Flash Gordon).
Some never got past the tv pilot stages (Lone Ranger, Lost in Space, Time Tunnel.)
(Note: Neither Doctor Who nor Superman Returns are reboots!
Dr Who is a continuation of the old series and Superman Returns was a sequel to Superman II, ignoring III & IV, and probably Supergirl.)
Jury's out on Star Trek, until I see it...
Interesting to note Nyota Uhura is given the third slot normally-allocated to McCoy. Hopefully, she'll have more to do than just "opening hailing frequencies"...
(We'll be covering Nyota Uhuras past and present in upcoming Fantastic Femmes entries!)

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  1. Boo hoo!

    When I first stumbled on this I genuinely thought you were saying they were finally making a second Quinto/Pine excursion.

    Then, when I saw the rebooting theme featured lots of TV remakes I thought you were saying they were making a new Star trek show based on young Kirk et al.

    But when I eventually recalled the helter-skelter root I took to get here I slowly but uneasily scrolled up the screen until I could finally see the date...

    Aaarghhh...April 1(8), 2009!!!


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