Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fantastic Femmes--Lynn Whitfield

Best known for her Emmy-winning portrayal of the legendary Josephine Baker, Lynn's done a little of everything, from big-budget blockbusters to b-movies, from classic literature adaptations to genre, always giving the role everything she's got, never simply "phoning it in" for a quick paycheck!
She's always fun to watch...
Genre appearances include...
FlashForward (Anastasia Markham)
Pure Shooter (Artelia Jones aka Art)
Without a Trace (Paula Van Doren)
Shark "Pilot"
Lost in Oz (Bellaridere)
Touched by an Angel "Amazing Grace"
Dangerous Evidence: the Lori Jackson Story (Lori Jackson)
Eve's Bayou (Roz Batiste)
Cosby Mysteries (Barbara Lorenz)
State of Emergency (Dehlia Johnson)
Taking the Heat (Off. Carolyn Hunter)
Equal Justice (Maggie Mayfield)
Jaws: the Revenge (Lousia)
Matlock (Angela Page)
Dead Aim (Sheila Freeman)
Johnnie Mae Gibson: FBI (Johnnie Mae Gibson)
Miami Vice "Bought and Paid for"
Cagney & Lacey (Eleanor Taggart)
Hill Street Blues (Jill Thomas)

I couldn't find any official or fan pages for the lovely lady... ;-(

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