Sunday, April 5, 2009

Costume Comparison--Sonia Rolland IS Lea Parker

Lea Parker was a French tv & graphic novel series about a kick-ass female special agent rather like Sydney Bristow on Alias.
Ran two years from 2004-06 and starred Sonia Rolland (a former Miss France, often called "the French Halle Berry") as Lea. AFAIK, it's never been shown in America, nor have I been able to find copies of the graphic novels.
The image above is the cover of the first graphic novel, which offers a convenient costume comparison.
(I'm not sure which came first, the books or tv series, nor if the books were script adaptations / source material or original / different stories about the character.)
BTW, The back cover photo is flopped. You can tell from the part in her hair. The correct "look" for the right-handed character is below...
You'll also note they gave her a Wolverine-ish hairstyle unlike the normal look of the actress.
If anyone has any additional info, or would like to sell copies of the books or dvds (I have a multi-region player), let me know... ;-)

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