Saturday, March 21, 2009

BattleStar Galactica "DayBreak" Questions...

1) Are the "Baltar" and "Caprica Six" entities who appear to the corporeal Baltar and Caprica Six and on Earth at the end, angels (good), demons (bad), or just entities (indifferent)?
2) Starbuck who "returned from the dead" was also not human, but an entity of some sort. Why could everyone see her? Did the same superior entity who sent the projected "Baltar" and "Caprica Six" send her? And if so, why didn't she know what she was and what to do?
3) Who projected the "Opera House" illusion into both humans (Roslin & Baltar) and Cylons (Caprica Six & Athena)?
4) Are the humanoid Cylons the "Lords of Kobol"?
4) Why were there so many "old-style" Centurions on the Colony?
5) In the pan over the fleet's final voyage into the sun, did I see the original design for the Enterprise (as seen in the book Making of Star Trek) and the Ark from The StarLost?

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