Monday, March 30, 2009

The 1950s Live Again in "Alien Trespass"

Well, actually it's a recently-produced flick in the vein of Lost Skeleton of Cadevra.
It's both a tribute to and spoof of 1950s horror films.
That remains to be seen, and hopefully I'll see it when it opens this weekend...
The poster and lobbycard graphics look appropriately retro.
The trailer is entertaining.
The casting seems good. Robert Patrick, Dan Lauria, and Erik McCormack all have genre cachet.

This is the sort of pic I personally look forward to for the sheer fanboy joy of it.
(Half the fun is spotting influences and references to earlier films.)

The NY Times Online has an overview of the movie along with trailers from 50s sf flix.

And, ('cause you just knew we were gonna tie this in to our own stuff) if you're into 1950s sci-fi flix, have a look at Atomic Kommie Comics™ nifty Martians, Martians, Martians™ and Horror--or Horrible?™ pop culture kitch collections!
Yep, T-shirts, mugs, messenger bags, and other kool kollectibles featuring exciting movie poster art from such alien invasion classics as Devil Girl from Mars, They Came from Beyond Space, Astro Zombies, Green Slime, I Married a Monster from Outer Space, War of the Worlds, even Plan Nine from Outer Space, are only a mouse-click away!
Who in the 1950s thought that would've been possible? ;-)

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