Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"...will trade rare baseball card for gas..."

We at Atomic Kommie Comics™ are pop culture fans.
But we're also sports fans.
And, as any well-read sorts do, we keep up with current events.
So when the opportunity presented itself to combine all three aspects in our work...well we just jumped at the chance!
Last weekend, one of the few surviving Honus Wagner T-206 baseball cards was auctioned for over $1,000,000! A newsperson, after reading the story, commented "well. I guess the old owner will be able to fill HIS gas tank now!"
Cue cartoon lightbulb and *PING* sound effect!
Thus was born our newest pop culture collectible... "Afford to fill this mother F@#%ing Gas Tank!" Bumper Stickers, combining sports (baseball), current events (outrageous cost of fuel), and pop culture (trading card collecting) all at one shot on the place where your opinion will be seen by all: the bumper of your car!
Buy one!
Buy ten (You'll save a dollar on each if you do!)!
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