Friday, August 1, 2008

Miss Cairo Jones, comics' FIRST female detective!

Created by Bob (Supergirl) Oksner, Miss Cairo Jones was supposed to be a male detective, but because fiction in general, and comics in particular, were already flooded with them, Cairo became a female detective!
Along with new writer Jerry Albert, Oksner illustrated the strip's entire run from 1945 to 1947.
Miss Jones made only one appearance outside of her newspaper comic strip, in a one-shot comic book reprinting the first strip storyline. It is from that issue that we've digitized and remastered the cover art that Atomic Kommie Comics™ now re-presents as part of our Heroines™ line of kool kollectibles which also includes Jane Arden: Crime Reporter, Cave Girl, Jet Dream & Her StuntGirl Counter-Spies, Friday Foster, Miss Fury, Miss Masque (Masquerade), Molly O'Day: Super-Sleuth, Annie Oakley, Phantom Lady, Tiger Girl, and UnderCover Girl!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Lost Heroes RETURN...

We've been busy, busy, busy, here at Atomic Kommie Comics™!
First up: not one, not two, but SIX new 12-month calendars for 2009 based on the wildly-successful Lost Heroes of the Golden Age of Comics™ line, featuring digitally-remastered art scanned directly from the original 1940s comics!
For all aficionados of the Golden Age of Comics, we proudly present...
1st Appearance Lost Heroes The FIRST cover appearances of a dozen of the greatest heroes of the 1940s including Black Terror, Fighting Yank, Green Lama, Amazing-Man, The Target, The Arrow, Samson, Miss Masque (aka Masquerade), DareDevil (aka Death-Defying Devil), HydroMan (aka Hydro), Dynamic Man & Dynamic Boy, and PyroMan
MORE Lost Heroes Behold the roll-call of greatness...StrongMan, DareDevil (Death Defying Devil) & The Claw, HydroMan (Hydro) & Rainbow Boy, Sorceress of Zoom, Captain Battle & Capt. Battle, Jr., The Arrow, Amazing-Man, The Target & the Targeteers, Magno & Davey, Sub-Zero Man, Radior, and Cat-Man (Cat) & Kitten in our second hero anthology calendar!
Flag-Waving Lost Heroes A dozen Golden Age star-spangled costumed patriots including: V-Man, American Eagle, The Eagle & Buddy, American Crusader, Captain V, Man of War, The Flag, Super-American, U.S. Jones, Major Victory, The Conqueror, and Yankee Doodle Jones!
PLUS calendars featuring the following SOLO heroes...
The Black Terror
The Fighting Yank
The Green Lama
And, for those, who missed it the first time around (both of you)...the ORIGINAL Lost Heroes calendar, repurposed for 2009!
Note: After July 30th, calendars on the linked website should read 2009, not 2008! However, PoD supplier CafePress isn't always as prompt on implementing and updating promised template changes as they should be. If it does read 2008, don't despair! Just bookmark the page and come back in a day or so to try again! (and my apologies in advance if that's what happens!)
And, as we always say; BUY PROJECT SUPERPOWERS!
If it wasn't for Alex Ross reintroducing these cool characters in all-new adventures, they'd just be fading four-color memories for old fanboys like us here at Atomic Kommie Comics™ !
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