Monday, February 25, 2008

Vote FOR Terror--The Black Terror, that is! ;-)

Anyone can vote for Hillary or Barack.
But only you can rock the vote for the one-and-only Black Terror!
He knows what has to be done to those guys in Washington, and you know he'll do it!
Show you don't take no s#1t from anyone!
Proudly wear the Atomic Kommie Comics candidate who will clean up politics (and leave a bloody trail in the process)!
He's as relevant now as in the 1940s, where this classic cover first appeared during the Golden Age of Comics.
Go to Black Terror & Tim and cast your vote with the one thing that really counts...your wallet!
While you're there, you might want to visit the other Lost Heroes of the Golden Age of Comics.
(And don't forget to see his current adventures in Alex Ross' Project SuperPowers, on sale now at comics shops everywhere! BUY IT!)