Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Next Issue Project is HERE (Finally)! And it's GREAT!

What if, after 50 years, the next issue of your favorite comic finally came out?
Well, if you've been waiting since 1941 for Fantastic Comics #24, it finally hit the stands today!

Very KOOL!
Uses the larger page size and anthology format of Golden Age books. (Of course, then is was 64 pages for 10 cents, not $5.99, but this is 2008, not 1941!)
Nice variety of styles in illustration and production, ranging from primitive flat color to modern computer color.
Have a look at the page to the right. Panel 2 shows the sort of simple-but-effective color-for-emphasis stuff that was commonplace before everyone went photoshop-happy and coloring overwhelmed line-art! And it works as a dramatic visual, and as storytelling!
This is a comic book!
It's not a graphic novel!
This is what enthralled your grandparents and parents when they were kids!
And it enthralled me. ;-)

But that's not the only news...
Now, you can kick back and read Fantastic Comics #24 with a cup of cocoa in a Fantastic Comics #23 mug, while wearing a 1st Appearance Samson (Fantastic Comics #1) Long Sleeve Dark T-Shirt or compose a review of the book on your blog using the Classic Samson MousePad.

Just go to Fantastic Comics/Samson Collectibles which features limited-edition t-shirts, messenger bags, mugs, blank sketchbooks, and other kool kollectibles featuring cover art shot right from the original 1940s comics (not 2nd generation color copies or tiny photos in reference books), digitally restored and remastered.
Covers include:
1st Appearance of Samson (Fantastic Comics #1 Lou Fine Art)
Classic Samson (Samson #6)
Fantastic Comics #3 (Lou Fine art)
Fantastic Comics #4 (Lou Fine art)
Fantastic Comics #23 (The final issue up 'til now!)
(You may wonder why we don't have the other characters from Fantastic Comics available. Unlike other anthology series where characters alternated cover appearances, Samson was the sole cover feature for the entire 23-issue run of the book)

We also have some cool Crack Comics characters (since they did rotate cover appearances) on collectibles including:
Captain Triumph Collectibles
1st Appearance of Captain Triumph (Crack Comics #27)
Captain Triumph Breaks Out!
Captain Triumph & SideKick? (a clown???)
Crack Comics #62 (The final issue until now!)
The Clock Collectibles
Crack Comics #1
Crack Comics #5
Crack Comics #17

So, to sum up...
BUY The Next Issue Project: Fantastic Comics #24 NOW!
Then, come take a look at our goodies at Lost Heroes of the Golden Age of Comics, where we have stuff based on the original versions of the characters that inspired not only Erik Larsen, but Alex Ross and his new Project SuperPowers series! It's a different, but equally-valid modern take on the Golden Age characters.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

We need your help...

Steve Sadowski, penciller of Project SuperPowers posted a list of characters suggested by Alex Ross for use in the series. (Regrettably, Steve is leaving the series after doing an incredible job on #0!)
While not all of them were in #0, it's obviously Alex's intention to use them at some point in the story.
Here's the list with the characters that we at Atomic Kommie Comics have already immortalized in The Lost Heroes of the Golden Age of Comics Series linked in.
Lady Satan
The Eagle and Buddy
Fearless Flint
Power Man
Magno and Davey
Man o' Metal
Boy King and Giant
Rainbow Boy
Air Man
Man of War (We have both the issues to scan, but the art for #1 is of such poor quality that, unless requested otherwise, we aren't considering using it. We have used #2.)
The Flame
Flame Girl
Blue Beetle (Scarab/Big Blue) and Sparky
Samson and David
V-Man and the V-Boys
The Green Mask and Domino
U.S. Jones
Blue Bolt
Sub Zero Man
Captain Battle and Captain Battle Jr.
The Black Owl
Yank and Doodle
Doc Strange
The Dart and Ace
American Crusader
American Eagle
Mr Face
Captain Courageous
The Super-American
Black Terror and Tim
Amazing Man
The Arrow
The Liberator
"Flash" Lightning and Lightning Girl
The Raven
Unknown Soldier
The Sword
The Flag
Green Lama
Grim Reaper
Black Venus
The Hood
RocketMan and RocketGirl aka Zip-Jets
Fighting Yank
Silver Streak
Captain Future
The Woman in Red
The Target and the Targeteers
Cat Man and Kitten
The Owl
Major Victory
Dynamic Man and Dynamic Boy
The Green Giant
The Claw
Here's where we need your help.
Besides the characters we've already utilized, which ones do you want to see as shirts, mugs, tote bags, etc.
By buying our collectibles, you've shown us which ones you want more of, and we've responded. Some characters have as many as five different cover images (including a number of 1st-appearance covers) available.
Of the remaining characters, which ones would you want to see as collectibles?
Let us know. If you want them, we'll produce them!
We have most of the books to scan from on hand. (If you have a particular favorite, we'll do it if we have the issue available.)
And one of the great things about our system is that we can do very limited runs at no additional cost!
So tell us what you want!
And (I can't emphasize this enough) BUY Project SuperPowers!
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