Thursday, November 27, 2008

The People who Saved Thanksgiving--Indians!

While we of Atomic Kommie Comics™ are digging into our Thanksgiving turkey and other exciting edibles, let's take a moment to thank the guys who made it possible...Indians!
(Admittedly a mis-label, since Native Americans aren't from India, the name has stuck from 1492 to the Present.)
Remember, if it wasn't for the generosity of the local Indians, the Pilgrims wouldn't have survived their first year in the harsh New England environment!

Yet, in most of pop culture (including comics), Indians are "bad guys"!

Even in the 1950s, there were several attempts to show America's original inhabitants in a more favorable light.
Besides sidekicks to heroes like The Lone Ranger and Red Ryder, there were several Indian characters who were "lead" heroes themselves!

We've found two of the best, Green Arrowhead (who appeared in Indian Braves) and Red Arrow (who had his own title!) and incorporated them into our Western Comics Adventures™ line with four exciting covers!
Both characters fought for truth and justice against anyone, Indian or White, who threatened peace in the Old West!
So, if you're looking for a Western-themed Christmas gift for that special someone, consider the option of a Native American-oriented graphically-kool collectible!
Now, if you'll excuse us, dinner and football await... ;-)

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