Sunday, April 27, 2008

Captain Science: Hero of Nerds & Geeks everywhere!

We at Atomic Kommie Comics™ are major fans of the tv series The Big Bang Theory.
Sheldon, Leonard, and their associates speak to us as fellow geeks, pardon me, pop culture aficionados.

But what we want to know is...why don't they dress the part?

Sheldon wears Green Lantern t-shirts.
Now consider the Earthmen who have worn the particular insignia of the intergalactic police corps that Sheldon wears...
A jock test pilot!
A psychotic social worker/teacher!
An architect/ex-marine!
Note: the newest GL, comic artist Kyle Rayner wears a variation of the insignia Sheldon wears, and is not included. Ironically, of all the Silver/Bronze/Current GLs, he's the GL Sheldon SHOULD be wearing!)

You'd think Sheldon would wear The Batman, the thinking-man's hero, the man with NO powers who can defeat even Superman!
Or the Golden Age Green Lantern, a radio technologist-turned media mogul (what a role model!)

But, if he'd really want to "go geek", he should go...
CAPTAIN SCIENCE (part of our O Captain, My Captain: Captains of the Cosmos line)!
After all, is he not Master of Technology™?
Does he not utilize his knowledge to triumph over bigger, stronger, foes?
Does he not have both a cool name and logo?
And he has a very retro look popular among us ner--I mean pop culture aficionados!
C'mon Big Bang crew, let Sheldon's true nerd shine thru!
Show him wearing CAPTAIN SCIENCE, the clothing line he was born to wear!

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