Saturday, May 16, 2015

Reading Room FANTASY MASTERPIECES "Those Who Change"

We wind up this issue with a Stan Lee / Steve Ditko piece...
...that takes the old "if you time travel, don't change anything in the past" concept to an extreme!
This story from Amazing Adult (wonder why they left that out of the reprint credit) Fantasy #10 (1962) was actually a reworking of an earlier Stan Lee-written tale called "The Scientists" from Astonishing #9 (1952) which was longer and had additional plot twists!
You'll be seeing the original (ironically, never-reprinted) version sometime in the next two weeks.
As for this particular tale, since its' 1965 appearance in Fantasy Masterpieces #1, it lay unseen until 2005 when it popped up in Marvel Visionaries: Steve Ditko with additional reprintings in Amazing Fantasy Omnibus (2007) and Marvel 70th Anniversary Collection (2009)

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