Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fantastic Femmes--Joan Severance

Yet another model turned actress, Joan managed to go from doing high-profile national advertising campaigns to a critically-acclaimed recurring role as a villainess on the WiseGuy tv series within six months after changing careers!
Her credits since are mostly genre roles, including some rather physically-demanding stunt work!
(She's also appeared sans garb in a number of films, both genre and non-genre...)
Joan's also moved behind the camera, handling co-producing duties on several of the films she's appeared in!
Genre appearances include...
Lost Gold of Khan (Cora)
Wicked, Wicked Games (Anna Whitman)
Born (Dr. Sammael)
CSI: Miami "Money Plane"
She Spies "Love Kills"
Mystery Woman (Mary Stenning)
Cause of Death (Angela Carter)
Last Seduction II (Bridget Gregory)
Black Scorpion / Black Scorpion II: AfterShock (Black Scorpion aka Darcy Walker)
Profiler (Christine Logan)
In Dark Places (Chapelle)
Matter of Trust aka Surgeon (Theresa Marsh)
Criminal Passion aka Angel of Desire (Melanie Hudson)
Lake Consequence (Irene)
HBO's Tales from the Crypt "New Arrival"
Illicit Behavior aka Criminal Intent (Melissa Yarnell)
Bird on a Wire (Rachel Varney)
Write to Kill (Belle Washburn)
RuneStone (Marla Stewart)
HitchHiker "My Enemy"
See No Evil, Hear No Evil (Eve)
Max Headroom "Neurostim"
WiseGuy (Susan Profitt)
Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer "Lady Killer"
Lethal Weapon (Girl in Black Playsuit)
The only dedicated site I could find for Joan features, shall we say, age-inappropriate photos, so I won't list it here. Of course, if you were to e-mail me... ;-)
Other actresses to play Bridget Gregory include...
Linda Fiorentino in Last Seduction
Other actresses to play Black Scorpion aka Darcy Walker include...
Michelle Lintel (Adult Darcy) and Elizabeth Huett (Young Darcy) in Roger Corman's Black Scorpion
Ashley Peldon as Young Darcy in Black Scorpion

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