Friday, June 14, 2019

Holiday Reading Room EVERY DAY'S A HOLLY DAY "Flag Day"

Let's learn...
...and try to forget it's also (ironically) the 73rd birthday of legendary Draft-dodger Don (the Con) Trump!
BTW, note the Union soldiers in panel 5 are wearing Confederate gray!
Why is this 1955 comic entitled "Every Day's a Holly Day" instead of "Every Day's a Holiday"?
Because it was given away to kids by grocers who sold Holly Sugar!
Illustrated by John Rosenberger, it's a unique pamphlet covering a number of American holidays, including both Lincoln and Washington's Birthdays (before they were combined into "Presidents' Day" in 1962), Mothers' Day (though not Fathers' Day), Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and a couple of holidays we've largely abandoned...Pan-American Day and American Indian Day!
Note: We're still not back to our daily schedule, but we're gearing up for our traditional multi-blog Summer Mini-Marathons which we'll announce over the 4th of July weekend and begin the week after, aling with daily posts here!
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