Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Reading Room SPACE SQUADRON "Target Moon"

To close out the year, we're re-presenting never-reprinted adventures of...
...showing life in the early 21st Century as seen from the mid-20th Century!
1) Why wasn't the creature vaporized?
2) If it isn't dead after a direct hit by an atomic bomb, how do we know it won't reproduce before it dies?
3) What about radiation?
At the very least, the Space Squadron should all be sterile, if not dying of radiation poisoning!
Hope Blast isn't counting on grandchildren in his future!
4) Considering, in this future, we've populated the Solar System (as well as other systems), I can't believe we don't have one (or more) moonbases!
Are they in danger from radiation?

The author of this amazingly scientifically-illiterate tale from Atlas' Space Squadron #4 (1951) is unknown, but we do know the penciler is Werner Roth!
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