Thursday, November 2, 2017

Reading Room STRANGE SUSPENSE STORIES "One Last Chance"

A never-reprinted, Ditko-rendered, Silver Age tale... our post-Halloween treat (no trick) to our loyal fans!
I rather like the idea that the protaganists will never know if they succeeded in saving the future, or inadvertently destroyed it!
Charlton's Strange Suspense Stories V3#2 (1968) was written entirely by Steve Skeates, though the stories in the anthology were illustrated by different artists.
Apparently editor Dick Giordano had planned to allow a single writer to carry each issue, with Denny O'Neil handling all the chores on the first issue and Skeates scripting the second.
Giordano's departure to DC scuttled the concept, and from the third issue onward, a variety of writers would fill the pages.
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