Monday, June 26, 2017

We're GLOWing this Summer...

With the success of GLOW on Netflix...
...we thought we'd look back at the original version, via their short-lived, (and very HTF) magazine from 1986-87!
(Try finding it on eBay or Amazon!)
Lord, was it 30 years ago?
I feel so old...
 The mag featured both in-character pieces and behind-the-scenes features as well as lots of pix!

BTW, Jackie Stallone is Sylvester's mother!
She played the manager of the "good" wrestlers!
We'll be doing a mini-marathon of the best of the magazine's features and photo spreads on our "sister" RetroBlog Heroines! (when fighting women in tights are the very reason for the blog's existence) during our annual RetroBlog Blogathon in July and August!
It'll be Hot...Hot...HOT!
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Visit Amazon and Order...
Note: this is a VHS, but unlike the DVD-R produced from it, the VHS is complete!

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