Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Reading Room WORLD OF FANTASY "Clock Strikes NEVER!"

Here's another never-reprinted tale...
...from the period when Atlas Comics was transitioning into Marvel Comics!
Penciled and inked by Steve Ditko, this story from Atlas' World of Fantasy #18 (1959) has some intriguing concepts, including the idea that nothing can travel back before its' creation date, which would rule out time travel into the distant past!
But my big question is...who is "Fate"?
He pops up at the beginning of Page 4 and remains lurking in the background for the rest of the story, becoming a second narrator!
Besides looking visually-kool, what's his purpose?
He doesn't interfere...or even warn/advise the protaganist!
Since the story's narrator refers to Fate in the third person, we know the blue guy is not the one hosting the tale!
In addition, Fate never shows up in any other Atlas/Marvel story!
Like the identity of the story's writer, it's a mystery that'll never be solved...
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