Friday, September 16, 2016

Reading Room JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY "Man on the Endless Stairway"

A never-reprinted Stan Lee-Steve Ditko Silver Age tale?
What a way to end the week, eh?
When Mighty Thor debuted in Journey into Mystery #83, the sci-fi/fantasy tales that filled the book were shifted to the back of the book where almost all of them were forgotten, even to Marvel's reprint editors!
This is one of those tales.
It hasn't been seen since it initially-appeared Marvel's Journey into Mystery #87 (1962)!
Pity, since it's a prime example of both writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko's almost-effortless mastery of their respective crafts!
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  1. I couldn't swear to it, but two or three of your never reprinted stories seem familiar to me, making me wonder if they were reprinted in U.K. comics like the Alan Class b&w publications of the '60s or '70s as it's the only way I'd have got to read them. Perhaps someone out there might know for sure one way or another?


Thanx for posting!

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