Thursday, October 9, 2014

Exit WeirdWorld, Enter Vlad the Impaler

When we first decided to re-present WeirdWorld as our Countdown to Halloween 2014 feature...
Art by John Buscema, Rudy Nebres and Peter Ledger had been untouched since its' intitial publication over three decades ago, and a generation of fans knew nothing about it.
So we felt comfortable running an all-but lost chapter of fantasy comics history for historical purposes.
However, we learned this week that Marvel will be doing a hardcover compiliation of all the prevously-published WeirdWorld stories in April 2015 (check out for details), so we will not be continuing our re-presentation.
This left us with a big gap in our schedule.
Luckily, we have something equally-kool on hand...
Art by Estaban Maroto
With Dracula Untold opening this week, we decided to re-present another "lost" series from the past, Topps' 1992 mini-series Vlad the Impaler, which like the new movie, is about how the "historical Dracula" became the "vampiric Dracula".
(Ironically, the Vlad mini-series was done to capitalize on the revived interest in Dracula created by the movie Bram Stoker's Dracula, which Topps did the comic adaptation and trading cards for!)
So, go see the movie this weekend, then compare how it handles the juxtposition between "historical" and "vampiric" Draculas with the comic by Roy Thomas and Estaban Maroto!
Vlad begins tomorrow!
Don't miss it!

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