Friday, June 20, 2014

Reading Room WORLD OF FANTASY "Iron Hulk"

Just before it transformed into Marvel, Atlas Comics was heavy into sci-fi...
...and I'm talking more than the giant monsters like Googam that most people think of.
(Though they were pretty kool...)
This never-reprinted tale from Atlas' World of Fantasy #19 (1959), scripted by either Stan Lee or Larry Lieber, is cliched beyond belief.
The reason I'm re-presenting it is to showcase the lovely art by Joe Sinnott.
While most of you know Sinnott as one of the best inkers in the business, he was also a competent penciler as well.
Ironically, Joe didn't ink much of his own pencil work, since it was subcontracted by Vince Colletta's prolific studio for Charlton, Gold Key, and Dell and inked by Colletta!
Most of it was romance or movie/tv adaptations, so I'll be posting those tales on my other blogs, but I'll link to them here when I do.

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