Friday, March 28, 2014

Reading Room BLACK CAT MYSTIC "MysteryVision"

Here's a tale that could've inspired the movie They Live! as well as several Twilight Zone eps... it has a rather unique aspect we'll explain at the conclusion...
"We take our leave of Herman Scudder, who discovered that "reading" people can be as easy as reading an the Twilight Zone..."
(Sorry, instinctively channeled Rod Serling for a moment...)
Pencils and inks for this never-reprinted story from Harvey's Black Cat Mystic #57 (1956) are by Jack Kirby, who rarely inked his own work since editors felt his time was better-spent penciling at a rate of up to four pages per day!
(Yes, I said per day!)
Probably written by either Kirby himself ,or partner Joe Simon.

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