Friday, January 31, 2014

Reading Room CAPTAIN KIDD "BlackBeard the Pirate"

When you say "pirate", here's one of the guys who immedately springs to mind...
The first page is on the inside front cover, printed in two, not the usual four, colors! this tale of treasure and treachery from Fox's Captain Kidd #24 (1949)
How close is this story to fact?
Judge for yourself HERE.
1) Both writer and artist are unknown.
2) Though the issue number is 24, this is actually the first issue of Captain Kidd!
The book was previously-titled Dagar: Desert Hawk, and before that, All-Great Comics.
After only two issues about Kidd and other pirates (including Blackbeard), the book changed title again, this time to My Secret Story!, then, two issues later, finally, Sabu: Elephant Boy!
Be here tomorrow when we'll have some more pirate-themed stuff during our celebration of the new pirate/adventure series Black Sails!

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