Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Lone Ranger: Complete Series Box Set at an Incredibly-LOW Price, plus Classic Lone Ranger Movie Blogathon Posts!

See this kool Brand-New box set with every 1950s episode (even the John Hart ones)?
If you look on the net, the cheapest you'll see it for is $129.99!
Want to get it, still in shrink-wrap, for...hold your breath...
Go to Costco!
It's supposed to be $99.99 (which is still a great deal).
But, apparently due to the collapse of the new movie, they're taking an additional $20 off to move it off the shelves!
(I found this out yesterday, when I went shopping at Costco...)
BTW, it's not available through Costco's website, only at the warehouses!
Who would've thought a movie about one of our favorite heroes doing badly at the box office would work to our benefit?
Art by Leroy Neiman
Our contributions to the Dynamic Duos in Classic Film Blogathon are now up, including...
A look at the Republic Film serials at Hero Histories.
The two feature films starring the TV Ranger and Tonto at Secret Sanctum of Captain Video.
The previous cinema flop, 1981's Legend of the Lone Ranger at Western Comics Adventures.

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