Friday, January 18, 2013

Are the President's Kids MORE IMPORTANT than Ours? YES!

The National Rifle Association asks the question... the following video ad currently running in major markets.

So, are the President's kids more important than yours (or mine)?
Let's be blunt...YES!
Their father is the head of the mightiest nation on the planet!
His finger is on the Nuclear Trigger, with the power to totally-annihilate all life on this world 25 times over!
If any member of his family (kids or wife) is taken hostage and threatened by terrorists, it would give them leverage over a man who could destroy any city or country on Earth (or the whole damn globe) with one command!
The ad is based on such a stupid concept that even the daughter of Republican icon, President Dwight D Eisenhower, has denounced it!
(And, as she points out, having huge, heavily-armed men who report directly to your dad constantly following you around does not make you the most popular kid in school.)
Oddly, I've never seen anyone begrudge these security measures for any other President's family!
Not Eisenhower (nor any of his predecessors  gooing back to McKinley)!
Not Kennedy!
Not Johnson!
Not Nixon!
Not Ford!
Not Carter!
Not Reagan!
Not Bush I!
Not Clinton!
Not Bush II!
But, curiously, according to the NRA, Obama's family isn't worthy of the same treatment!

All of us believe our own families are the most important people on Earth...and in terms of emotion, that's true (as it should be).
But, in terms of value as strategic assets that America must keep out of enemy hands, the President's family (no matter who the person holding the office is) has us all beat, hands-down!
If someone kidnapped my parents or wife and threatened to kill them if I didn't do what they wanted, the best I could do to save them from a fate worse than death is write and design a magazine or trading cards for the kidnappers!
President Obama could do a helluva lot more than that.

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