Thursday, May 26, 2011

Reading Room: RACE FOR THE MOON "Lunar Trap"

The 1950s, when we thought we'd be fighting with the Soviet Union over the Moon...
Pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Al Williamson (who, along with fellow EC alumnus Reed Crandall, was doing a lot of work for Harvey at the time)!
Not sure who wrote it, but speculation is that Kirby himself scripted it.
Either way, a decent story with solid storytelling and magnificent rendering!

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  1. What a wonderfully gritty, actually quite realistic story.

    But I also love all the subtexts: the Russians're all such ideologised robots they're incapable of recognising a woman in their midst - that or all non American men're naturally homosexual; and of course, the American's only on the moon because he's a simple scientist *snigger!* even though as a mineralogist he's almost certainly there as part of some military-industrial concern's plans to grab the moon's mineral wealth for itself, (though at the time most fairly astute readers would've assumed this meant, of course, America herself - boy, those were innocent times!).


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