Friday, July 23, 2010

Design of the Week--Deep Thrust!

Each week, we post a limited-edition design, to be sold for exactly 7 days, then replaced with another!
This was the 1970s, and...
1) controversial X-rated movie Deep Throat was one of the hot topics of the day!
2) Kung-fu mania was in full-swing!
Naturally, some marketing genius decided to combine the two...
An American film distributor took the kung-fu flick Lady Whirlwind, did the usual hysterically-bad English dubbing job on it, retitled it Deep Thrust, and produced a poster showing leading lady Angela Mao in a sexy exposed-cleavage / bare-legged look she never actually had in the film, or ANY other film she appeared in!
(At left, you can see the Hong Kong release poster showing how she actually looked in the film!)

Angela was one of the few established female martial arts movie stars, with numerous credits, including Enter the Dragon, Lady Karate, and Lady Kung Fu.
She's also listed as Mao Ying, Angela Mao Ying, and Mao Fu Ying.
She was, in fact, an expert martial artist, trained in kung fu, hapkido, and tae kwon do!

Needless to say, Deep Thrust was a hit, playing the grindhouses for several years!
(I saw it several times on 42nd Street as part of various double and triple features.)
I remembered the distinctive poster, and when I finally acquired it, photographed it, and made a t-shirt emblazoned with it.
While I wanted to add it to our Pop Art Martial Arts™ collection, some friends expressed misgivings about incorporating it into the kid-friendly section, since the title was similar (but not related) to a classic porn film!
I say, let the fans decide!
If you show your support for the poster at Design of the Week, we'll move it to Pop Art Martial Arts™  when it's one week stint ends!
Will Deep Thrust prove popular, or will it redefine "limited edition"?
YOU decide!

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