Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fantastic Femmes--Kasi Lemmons

Sometimes you know right off the bat what you were meant to do.
Sometimes you have to ease into it via a related field.
Such is the case of Kasi Lemmons, a good actress with a number of supporting and guest-star credits (including genre work) who seemed destined to be a steadily-working actress, but never quite achieving lead roles or stardom.
But, she discovered her true talent was not performing other people's words and ideas, but creating the script herself and directing others to perform it!
Kasi's achived box-office success and won numerous awards writing and / or directing hit films including Eve's Bayou, The Caveman's Valentine, and Talk to Me.
Though it's been awhile since she last appeared on-screen, her creativity and talents make her, most definitely, a Fantastic Femme (and maybe she'll write / direct a genre film in the near future)!
Genre appearances include...
Walker: Texas Ranger "Night of the Gladiator"
Clive Barker's CandyMan (Bernadette Walsh aka Bernie)
Murder She Wrote "Survivor"
Under Cover "Sacrifices"
Vampire's Kiss (Jackie)
Silence of the Lambs (Trainee Ardelia Mapp)
Equalizer "Day of the Covenant"
Spenser for Hire / A Man Called Hawk (Lois)
11th Victim aka Lakeside Killer (Hostage)

I was unable to find any dedicated pages to the lovely lady. ;-(
If you know of one, tell me and I'll list it! ;-)

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