Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Wednesday Worlds of Wonder HARSH REALM "Case" Part 1

We've covered alternate realities, the future, and outer space... we go "cyber" as we explore "inner space"!

Is Dexter going to regret taking on this case?
Find Out Next Wednesday!
The comic is far different from the TV series by Chris Carter that it "inspired"!
Without the restraint of a TV series budget, writer James Hudnall, penciler Yannick Paquette and inker John Ridgeway let their imaginations run free in this intro tale from Harris Harsh Realm #1 (1994)!
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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Reading Room VIC VERITY "Rocket Rex"

Long before Rocket Raccoon, there was...
Take a handsome hero, a helpless heroine, a sinister villain, add spaceships and ray guns and, you've got classic 1940s-50s sci-fi action!
Except everyone's an anthropomorphic animal!
This never-reprinted story from Vic Verity Magazine #7 (1946) was obviously the first episode of a projected series.
Unfortunately, it appeared in the last magazine the short-lived Don Fortune Publishing ever produced!
Both the writer and artist are, at this point, unknown.
But the other stories in the comic were the work of CC Beck, Otto Binder, and others who worked on the Fawcett Comics line, so the odds are that the writer and artist for Rocket Rex are also from that ensenble.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Monday Madness STRANGE JOURNEY "Captain Kiddeo Space Bum"

Is it humor?
Is it serious?
I can't decide... the tale and judge for yourself!
The title is a variation of "Captain Video", a tv show which had been cancelled three years earlier when this never-reprinted tale appeared in Ajax-Farrell's Strange Journey #3 (1958).
Yet the story itself has nothing to do with Captain Video, not even as a spoof of it, like MAD's superb Captain Tvideo which you can read HERE!
The attempts at humor and wit are lacking in both, and the illustrations have none of the wonderful background detail (Called "chicken fat" by artist Will ElderMAD's artists were famous for!
Plus, the art is so jammed-up, I have the impression the original (perhaps unpublished) story was longer, and re-edited to fit into the 5 page slot in an otherwise average sci-fi anthology.
We do know it's a product of the S M Iger Studio which packaged Ajax-Farrell's books, but not who the particular creatives were...

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Where are the "Kool" Uniforms for Don da Con's Space Force?

The uniforms for Don da Con's "Space Force" have been unveiled...

...and are military surplus camos...for space warfare!
When you're given a multi-million dollar budget and you cant even do better than a 1970s tv series...'re really badly off!
Ironically, the comic-book version of Space Force has a much better uniform...
But, then, in the comic, Don da Con has lost over 100 pounds from his real-world weight!
(Or those spacesuits have built-in Spanx!)
Sad, ain't it?
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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Reading Room WEIRD WORLDS "Green Horror"

We presented the 1950s version of this tale HERE... here's the redrawn 1970s version with the script taken almost verbatim from the original!
"They went beyond the stars only to find terror that could destroy everything"
That was the contents page description from Eerie Publications' Weird Worlds V1N10 (1970) for this reworking by artist Walter Casadei of "Planet Eaters" from Key's Weird Mysteries #1 (1952).
Casadei started his career as a humor and "good girl" artist.
But when he proved he could handle any genre, Walter's assignments became predominantly a horror/sci-fi illustrator!
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