Tuesday, May 4, 2021

May the Fourth Be With You! 40 Years Ago...Star Wars Met Disney...sort of...

Long before Disney bought LucasFilm...
...they took a shot at doing a Star Wars-style property!
Before the Disney Channel and Radio Disney, the marketers at The House of Mouse would occasionally try to tie-in with popular trends.
Halyx, a pop-rock band that performed at TomorrowLand in the early 1980s was one such attempt.
And, being Disney, it was no half-baked, quickie tie-in, but an example of the Imagineering crew at its' best.
You can read about the creation and implementation of the project (by one of the participants no less) HERE and HERE.
Here's the band performing (audio with still photos)...

Too bad they don't even make a cameo in TomorrowLand...

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