Friday, January 17, 2020

Friday Fun ZANY "Li'l Abnrr"

Unseen since 1959, a look at how comics...
...and by extension, media in general, change to reflect pop culture trends!
Comics, in particular, jump on the latest fad, sometimes revamping the book or strip almost beyond recognition!
The classic example was the mid-1960s "New Blackhawk era", when the middle-aged WWII veteran flyers, published continuously since 1942, became superhero/spies...because the two hottest pop culture trendsetters at the time were Batman and Bond!
(Think I'm joking?
You can read the transition story beginning HERE!)
BTW, both the artist who did a dead-on imitation of Al Capp's style and the scripter for this never-reprinted Li'L Abner spoof from Candar's Zany #4 (1959) are unknown!
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