Saturday, August 4, 2018

Reading Room ALARMING ADVENTURES "Earth Went Haywire"

Here's a never-reprinted tale from Harvey's Alarming Adventures #3 (1963)...
...about a "forgotten man" who saves the world from Armageddon!
With today's "decompressed storytelling, this five-page short would be, at least, a mini-series with numerous full-page and double-page spreads...collected, of course into a tpb reprint!
The creators are unknown, but knowledgable sources have suggested Carl Burgos, Bernard Baily, and Stan Goldberg as the artists...
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Friday, August 3, 2018

Friday Fun REX DEXTER OF MARS "Creator AND Destroyer of Worlds"

It's a typical day for Rex Dexter...
...starting off with a fascinating "flashback" to Rex's childhood and a look at what science at the time said the origin of the Earth was!
Let me see if I have this straight...
Rex's friend blows up a planet!
A fragment of that world crashes on Earth!
Somehow, evolution speeds up on that fragment and creatures soon migrate to the surrounding area, attacking people!
Rex and the military manage to stop the aliens!
Our lesson for today, kiddies: "We created a planetm but it nearly destroyed all of Mankind! That was a close call!"
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Thursday, August 2, 2018

DC Won't Present the "Monster Society of Evil"...But WE Will!

(Writer) Otto Binder (Artists) C. C. Beck, Pete Costanza (Cover Artist) Michael Cho
At first he was simply a disembodied voice on the radio, taunting Captain Marvel with his ever-more-fiendish schemes to conquer the world.
Then, readers gasped as Mr. Mind was revealed-all two inches of him!
Was this lowly creature really the epitome of evil he claimed to be?
Fortunately, Billy Batson understood the folly of underestimating someone based on their size!
As small as he was, Mr. Mind was big trouble-especially once he turned the menacing members of his Monster Society of Evil loose to wreak havoc!

This new title collects the entire 24-chapter serial from the Golden Age of Comics with new essays by Fawcett Comics expert P.C. Hamerlinck and film producer and comics historian Michael Uslan.
Collects stories from Captain Marvel Adventures #22-46!
In Shops: Feb 06, 2019
 Then DC pulled the plug!
After careful consideration, DC announces that the Shazam!: The Monster Society fo Evil Deluxe Edition HC (JUL180783) is cancelled due to concerns over its contents,
This title will not be resolicited.
The mini-series had been reprinted once, in 1989 by American Nostalgia Library in a magnificent oversized hardcover with a run of only 3000 copies.
That edition, seen below, is incredibly HTF.

Since we believe the story has historical significance, and the racism (which we abhor) is part of the tale, RetroBlogs is going to drop the plans we had for various summer mini-blogathons (finishing the one currently running at True Love Comics Tales) and, beginning on Monday, re-present the entire, unexpurgated story scanned from the original issues of Fawcett's Captain Marvel Adventures at Hero Histories and Not Safe For Work Comics!
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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Wednesday Worlds of Wonder BEYOND THE FARTHEST STAR "Forest of Peril!"

...wait..."Lt James Farnsworth"?
Tangor's original name was never mentioned in either of the short stories that made up Beyond the Farthest Star!
Well, since we've already diverged from the source material, let's see where this leads...
Murphy Anderson takes over the art duties on the series with this never-reprinted installment from DC's Tarzan: Lord of the Jungle #217 (1973).
The question is...who scripted it?
Various sources attribute either Marv Wolfman or Denny O'Neil, with no definitive answer available. 
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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Reading Room STRANGE TALES "Mighty Oak!"

It's another wooden creature (like Groot) seeking to take over the world... this never-reprinted Steve Ditko-rendered story!
Thought it was going to just be a replay of "I Challenged Groot! The Monster from Planet X!"?
To give Stan Lee credit, he knew how to do variations on a theme!
This was the final tale in Atlas' Strange Tales #100 (1962), the final anthology issue of the series.
Beginning with the next issue, The Human Torch's solo strip would debut, and the title would become (like Journey into Mystery, Tales of Suspense, and Tales to Astonish), a superhero book with a couple of unrelated backups.
This, and several other Ditko tales from the era, have never been reprinted, and will be re-presented here over the next few months!
Watch for them!
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Monday, July 30, 2018

Monday Madness FANTASTIC COMICS "Space Smith vs Colt the Cosmic Criminal"

Gangsters wearing 20th Century fashions continue to menace Space Smith and Diana... this somewhat anachronistic series continues its' journey into weirdness!
This never-reprinted story from Fox's Fantastic Comics #16 (1941) demonstrates the value of having a colorist who can keep track of who's who as almost everyone is mis-colored somewhere in this tale!
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Sunday, July 29, 2018