Monday, September 24, 2018

Monday Madness MAN FROM S.R.A.M. "vs the Devil-Man from S.U.N.E.V."

Last week we presented the Man from S.R.A.M. in his only published adventure!
...but there's one more tale to be told!
Written by Otto Binder (with re-write by Editor Joe Simon?) and illustrated by George Tuska, this story produced for Harvey's never-published Jigsaw #3 features a different Martian form for the protaganist, as well as a different vehicle from the previous chapter!
At the same time, Tuska also drew all three issues of Harvey's SpyMan, another cross-genre (super hero/spy/sci-fi) series just before moving on to a long run as Marvel's primary Silver Age Iron Man artist after Gene Colan!
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