Saturday, September 29, 2018

Celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the First Publication of FRANKENSTEIN in October!

Start with the Classic Comics adaptation...
...written by Ruth Roche and illustrated by Robert Hayward Webb & Ann Brewster!
...written by Don Segall and illustrated by Bob Jenney!
...from Atlas/Marvel's MAD clone, CRAZY!
Sample a startling one-shot tale...
...written by noted horror editor Roger Elwood and illustrated by the creator of the Golden Age Human Torch, Carl Burgos!
See a faithful adaptation of the first Hammer Studios Frankenstein flick...
...scripted by Donne Avenell and rendered by Alberto Cuyas
Then go with a swinging Sixties update...
..from Marvel's Not Brand Echh by writer Arnold Drake and artist Tom Sutton under a freaky Marie Severin cover!
Then try out a never-reprinted fummetti of...
...from DC's Movie Comics #1 (1939)!
If you think that's weird, how about Frankie as a Swinging Sixties SUPERHERO???
...courtesy of writer DJ Arneson and artist Tony Tallarico?

And, finally, beginning October 1st, running Monday through Friday until Halloween...
...Dick Briefer's legendary 1950s horror comic-inspired sequel to the original novel!
So get your fill of Frankie all October at our RetroBlogs!

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