Monday, November 13, 2017

Best of Reading Room KENTON OF THE STAR PATROL "Corsairs from the Coalsack!"

Space Squadron, Space Patrol, Star Rangers, Space Sentinels...
...with all those law-enforcement organizations prowling the spaceways of 1950s sci-fi, it's surprising there were any villains who dared commit crimes in the Milky Way!
This premiere appearance (but second printing) of Kenton of the Star Patrol is from Avon's Strange Worlds #1 (1950) is written by Gardner Fox, and illustrated by Joe Kubert.
It first appeared in Avon Publishing's Out of This World Adventures #2 (1950), a weird half-comic/half pulp magazine experiment that lasted only two issues.
Kenton was one of only two ongoing strips in Strange Worlds, an anthology for both sci-fi/fantasy and the occasional horror tale.
(The other one was Crom the Barbarian.)
You'll be seeing Kenton's entire short-lived series here this week and next, as deadlines on a paying gig will keep me from doing all-new posts from now until after Thanksgiving.

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