Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Len Wein (1948-2017)

Most remember Len Wein for co-creating Swamp Thing, Wolverine, and the All-New, All-Different X-Men...
FOOM Magazine #10 Cover Original Art by Dave Cockrum
(...particularly, Storm, Colossus, and NightCrawler.)
But I prefer to remember his earlier, quirky projects like...
Hot Wheels #6 Cover Art by Neal Adams & Dick Giordano
Hot Wheels
(based on the cartoon series based on the toy line)
Wild West Action #1 Cover Art by Syd Shores and Mike Esposito
The Bravados
(An ethnically-diverse assortment of Western heroes)
and his (believe it or not)...
Secret Hearts #148 Contents Page Art by Gray Morrow
...romance comics work!
Len was not a one-trick pony!
He had an interest in almost everything imaginable...and it showed in his work.
BTW, all the links are to material that hasn't been reprinted since publication in the early 1970s!
Check them out!
BONUS: Here's the printed version of the X-Men-themed cover for Marvel's FOOM #10...
...and that's why I wanted to run the original art!
The two-color (as compared to comics' usual four-color) printing really muddied up the art!

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