Thursday, January 5, 2017

Reading Room WAR COMICS "Greg Gilday and the Martians" Part 2!
This strip is running at mach speed, adding genres every minute!
Greg Gilday isn't just Superman!
He's Moses, too!
In the Golden Age, creators, unrestrained by preconceptions, tried genre mash-ups we wouldn't dream of doing today, hoping to find a "hook" to grab readers!
Drawn (and probably written) by Richard Fletcher, this never-reprinted series only ran three chapters (this is the second, from Dell's War Comics #3, published in 1940) before disappearing despite the final strip ending with a caption promising more adventures!
Note: the Richard Fletcher who did this strip is not the Dick Fletcher who worked with Chester Gould before taking over as the artist on the Dick Tracy newspaper strip in 1977.
This guy is Richard Martin Fletcher.
The Dick Tracy artist was Richard E Fletcher and didn't begin his art career until after being diacharged from the Army in 1945.

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