Monday, January 9, 2017

Reading Room FLIP FALCON IN THE FOURTH DIMENSION "Marriage on Mercury!"

It's been almost eighty years since this never-reprinted story appeared...
...but it's astonishing what we've learned about the planet Mercury in the interim!
This Don Rico-written and illustrated tale from Fox's Fantastic Comics #7 (1940) might well be the first example of with the female as the aggressor!
(The hot-to-trot one in such stories is usually the alien male!)
BTW, what happened to the Queen's father, whom she claimed was an Earthman?
How'd he get there in the early 1900s?
What happened to him?
Another example of the multiple concepts the amazing Rico just tossed off the top of his head, then promptly forgot about while working on these maniacally-paced stories!
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(who turned novelist after leaving comics!)

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