Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Reading Room: ATOM-AGE COMBAT "Puzzle"

Besides tales of the US and USSR fighting World War III...
...this series featured tales of combat on other worlds, as well!
Note: the last page was the inside back cover of the comic, so it's just black-and-white.
Illustrated by Dick Ayers, this tale from Fago's Atom-Age Combat #3 (1959) touches on an interesting idea.
Someone's keeping us from leaving Earth...but they're also keeping others from approaching Earth!
Were they protecting us from them...or them from us?
Since this was the final tale in the final issue of the series, we'll never know the answer...
BTW, this was the second series called "Atom-Age Combat"!
The first was published by St John Comics with five issues in 1952-53 and a one-shot in 1958.
Fago Publications bought the title when St John dropped it's comic line, continuing the numbering from the one-shot and producing two issues.
Fago itself only lasted from 1958-59.
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