Friday, January 20, 2017

An Inauguration Day YouTube Special: SHADOW ON THE LAND (based on "It Can't Happen Here"!)

Thanks to the "poorly educated" (Don the Con's own words)...
...we're about to live a fictional nightmare from almost a century ago!
Ironically, a classic work of fiction parallels the events of the past year...and begins to look like a blueprint for the future!
It Can't Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis tells the tale of Presidental candidate and demagogue Berzelius “Buzz” Windrip who uses many of Don (the Con) Trump's rhetorical tactics to sway the uneducated, bitter white men of post-Great Depression America into voting him into office and the terrible fascistic nation that results from letting such as him gain control!
The tale ends with Windrip starting an unwarranted war with Mexico as the masses finally realize Windrip can't deliver on his grandiose promises and begin a Second American Revolution.
The book was written in 1935 and used Adolph Hitler's rise to power in Germany as it's plotline template! 
There was a 1968 tv pilot loosely-based on the concept, entitled Shadow on the Land starring, among others, Gene Hackman, John Forsythe, and Carol Linley...
It didn't sell because it was considered too far-fetched!
Will Don the Con continue down the path of Buzz Windrip (and Hitler)?
Lord, I hope not...but it sure looks like it!

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  1. That industrial plant they're running around in at 1:24 looks like the same one James Coburn was tearing about in during the latter half of "Our Man Flint" (they even use the same paternoster lift).


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