Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Reading Room JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY "Humans, Keep Out!"

While the Mighty Thor stories in the front of Journey into Mystery have been reprinted over and over...
...the backup stories have rarely appeared since their initial publication over 50 years ago!
The last page demonstrates clever use of "camera angles", witholding the secret of how the humans avoid being destroyed until the next-to-last panel!
In fact, a 1970s "how-to" book for aspiring filmmakers used Silver and Bronze Age Marvel comics to graphically-demonstrate such things as camera work, film editing, sound effects, etc.
You can read the entire book HERE.
Writer Stan Lee and artist Don Heck produced a clever little tale in Marvel's Journey into Mystery #85 (1962) that's only been reprinted once, in Marvel's Giant-Size Man-Thing #4 (1974)!

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