Friday, September 18, 2015

Reading Room STAR HUNTERS "Part 2: Beyond the Solar Rim" Conclusion

...nervous computer expert Mindy Yano spacewalks to a heavily-armed drone, intending to disarm it before the automated killer can destroy the starship SunRider that Mindy shares with the rest of The Corporation's black-ops team...
Thus ends the Star Hunters' premiere adventure written by David Michelene, penciled by Don Newton, and inked by Bob Layton.
After this never-reprinted debut in DC Super-Stars V2 N18 (1977), the Star Hunters series itself would run seven issues, then be cancelled mid-plotline.
The Star Hunters have never reappeared anywhere.
But, in the final issue, two other Michelene-created characters, StarFire II and Claw the Unconquered, whose solo books had just been cancelled, were ported over to Star Hunters, tying the three series together.
Both of those characters have since reappeared in several of the DC Universe's reboots since then.
But Donovan Flint, and the rest of his team are still in limbo.

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