Saturday, August 29, 2015

Reading Room CAPTAIN ROCKET "Monstroids of the Underworld"

The final (in more ways than one) Captain Rocket tale...
is not an outer space adventure, but an inner space one!
We had an atomic war in 1962...and nobody told us?
And Cap's adventures take place eons (or many millions of years) from now?
Both writer and artist(s) of the never-reprinted final story from PL's Captain Rocket #1 (1951) are unknown to everyone, even the eagle-eyed crew at the Grand Comics Database.
Captain Rocket didn't have a second issue, and the character never reappeared, though his name has been used for video games and halloween costumes!
Little is known about PL Publishing, one of the least successful comic publishers in history, lasting less than a year and producing only eight titles, none of which ran more than three issues!

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