Thursday, August 27, 2015

Reading Room CAPTAIN ROCKET "Meets the Mind Stealers"

As we pointed out yesterday...
There were three Captain Rocket stories in his one and only issue from the short-lived PL Publishing, but only two were comics!
The third was a text feature!
There are no traceable credits for either the cover (which omits Cap's usual, rather dorky, helmet in favor of a transparent one) nor the story.
And here's a weird note: Though this tale involves Saturnians, the little vignette in the upper left of the cover warns us..."We MUST prepare for an invasion from MARS!"
Since there are no Martians in either of the comic stories, was the tiny Cap head shot referring to the aliens in the text feature, who might have been written as Martians, but changed by the editor into Saturnians (perhaps because he felt Martians were too much of a cliche)?
Or was there another, unpublished, Captain Rocket tale that got bounced into the never-printed second issue?
The answers are lost in the mists of time...

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