Friday, June 5, 2015

Reading Room JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY "Alien on Earth"'s an earlier rendition of the oft-used concept, with one of the weirdest-looking Jack Kirby aliens I've ever seen!
Jack Kirby and Christopher Rule, who did the cover of the re-do, illustrated this never-reprinted tale from Atlas' Journey into Mystery #51 (1959).
As for who wrote it, the consensus on various sites, including the Grand Comics Database, is that it's the work of Kirby himself.
For those clever readers who noted both this story and the reworking in World of Fantasy were both published in 1959, this one came out six months earlier, and the "job number" for "Alien" (T-165) is earlier than the one on "Gargoyle" (T-345).
Usually, Stan Lee (either as editor or writer) made sure that such similar plots or reworkings were a couple of years apart.

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