Saturday, January 24, 2015

Reading Room REALITY "Endless Chain"

Long before the internet and DeviantArt, up-and-coming artists were published in fanzines... get their work in front of an audience, receive feedback, and make a few bucks!
Originally-drawn for Web of Horror, this early tale by Frank Brunner ended up in the first issue of Reality, a fanzine published in 1970 by 15-year old Robert Gerson.
When Web died after only three issues, a number of writers and artists had no market for their material without losing all the rights to it, so, in order to get it published to make a few bucks for their labor (and retain the copyrights), they let a young entepreneur use the stories in his fanzine, which was sold at conventions and in used book stores and head shops alongside underground comics.
(There were no comic book shops back then.)

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