Saturday, August 9, 2014

Before Rocket Raccoon, there was ROCKET REX!

Long before Rocket Raccoon, there was...
Take a handsome hero, a helpless heroine, a sinister villain, add spaceships and ray guns and, you've got classic 1940s-50s sci-fi action!
Except everyone's an anthropomorphic animal!
This never-reprinted story from Vic Verity Magazine #7 (1946) was obviously the first episode of a projected series.
Unfortunately, it appeared in the last magazine the short-lived Don Fortune Publishing ever produced!
Both the writer and artist are, at this point, unknown.
But the other stories in the comic were the work of CC Beck, Otto Binder, and others who worked on the Fawcett Comics line, so the odds are that the writer and artist for Rocket Rex are also from that ensenble.

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