Sunday, March 16, 2014


Back when the ill-fated John Carter movie came out...
...we ran the never-reprinted adventures of his predecessor, Gullivar Jones: Warrior of Mars, but we indavertantly left out these kool examples of otherworldly art, like this promo piece by George Perez and Frank Giacoia from Monsters Unleashed #7 (1974)!
...or the painting by Frank Frazetta for the Ace paperback that re-introduced Gulliver/Gullivar to 1960s audiences eager for pulp high adventure!
and, last, but not least...
...George Perez's rejected splash page (page 2) for the Gullivar Jones tale that appeared in Monsters Unleashed #8 (1974).
The story ran without a splash page, probably due to tight deadlines.

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